Darko Tahirovic

Darko Tahirovic

Bio:     Darko Tahirovic

Darko Tahirovic was born in Serbia,and is working as a Content Designer. He has finished multiple courses regarding Game Design and Development. He is passionate and crazy about Games, doing his best to conquer as many as he can. If he starts talking about them, you better be a fan of the same. From young age when controller has landed in his hands, he explored the worlds that had no end. Every Game he played left him with memories that will never fade away.


Mobile games are made daily and in a quantity that is insane. However not many manage to get attention, and with that in mind I will let you know my Top 10 Mobile games that I love to play in my free time!

  1. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

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Once again Square Enix has done awesome job giving its fans more Final Fantasy content. A challenging turn based RPG, with content that is updated weekly and monthly. This game proves that even having Top units in your team, even one wrong move can cost you everything. As you conquer the world and unlock new content, units will be gained; or just purchase “Lapis” to get them faster. With five units on your team strategy is all you need.

      2. Farm Slam

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New game from Eipix Entertainment that went live recently. I spend hours every day playing this addicting game as it is something different and fresh. Playing challenging match-3 levels, competing with your friends, proving your skills, and creating new buildings on the Farm. Buildings are made instantly, and with your imagination there is no end. With each new building made the farm grows larger and new content is unlocked. If you think you are good at Match-3 games, try conquering it!

       3. FarmOn!

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Another one from Eipix Entertainment that just recently hit the Stores. This game is Farm-tastic as it is in Portrait mode and can be played with just one hand. Imagine traveling with the bus, and there are no free seats. Well, standing with one hand free you could do anything. FarmOn is excellent game; with few swipes of the finger you will have control over the whole farm. Ever wanted to have farm animals? Well here you can have them all, with buildings that produce products, crops to grow, animals to feed which you sell to the customers in order to gain levels and gold. If you think you would be a great farmer, you should give it a try.

      4. Arena of Valor

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With Tencent Games behind this title it was only matter of weeks before this game would reach the top. As one of top MOBA games currently for mobile it is the one I enjoy the most in my free time. If you love playing League of Legends then this is its sibling on mobile. Two teams of 5 compete to take each other’s base. Game requires you to have a little bit stronger Mobile Phone as graphics are astonishing. With many heroes to choose from you would need months of gameplay to unlock them. Think you are good at League of Legends, come and try your skills!

        5. Clash Royale

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Oh Supercell what have you created. When it comes to PvP this game holds the top. With huge amount of players thirsty for win, this game is the place where we all meet. With move of a thumb units fall from the sky, landing on the field while charging the enemy. With strategy in your mind there is no one who can stop your charge. With Money spent you could get rare units that free users might never get, but even though P2W has the higher hand, it’s still fun to play.

      6. X-Files: Deep State

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I recently found this game from Foxnext Games and if you are a fan of the series I recommend that you try solving the cases. In this game you are a detective, whose job is to solve cases, but guess what! They are not normal cases, it’s about extraterrestrial and paranormal stuff. Are you good enough to solve them, and whose side will you choose? Will detective Molder have enough trust in you to tell you all the secrets, well go on don’t be scared.

      7. Project Dragon

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Go Game created MMORPG that has amazing graphics and runs very smoothly on the mobile phones. When I say MMORPG you probably think how hard controls are, but you are wrong. The controls in this game are amazing, one of a kind. With just a thumb you control everything. Ever heard about Monster Hunter? Well this is his little brother just on the mobile phone. Level up while killing dragons and monsters, craft equipment, and chose one of the weapons that suit you style. You see a dragon, slay it and make his horns into your spear.

      8. Sniper 3D

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Ever wanted to be a Sniper, well here is your chance. Very smooth game that makes you think twice before shooting. You start with weak sniper rifle with only 1 bullet which shows you that missing is not an option. Every mission you play is tricky, but with patience you can complete them with ease. If you rush and shoot the first person you see thinking he is the bad guy, you will be wrong and innocent will pay with his life. With money rifle upgrades can be purchased. Is your aiming good enough?

     9.Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

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One more Final Fantasy title from Square Enix that is very popular. Strategy is following the main character Noctus as your army General. Players can upgrade castle, train an army, conquer and explore the World map. The upgrades you do will need time to complete, and with each hour passing by, your castle is growing large. There is so much to do that you won’t make it in time. Every upgrade you make, and the more army you have, the stronger you will be.

      10. Super Toss The Turtle

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This fun and addictive game that just doesn’t want to let you go. It pulls you in thinking that every attempt will be better. How about shooting a character from cannon, although it sounds crazy and dangerous, don’t worry you can close your eyes and shoot. The further the character lands the better score you will get. It’s so simple yet you can’t stop playing it. Buying new cannons and weapons will help you get further, and the animation of the character will make you laugh. Compete with friends and let them know that you are the best!


Author : Darko T. 


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