League of Legends

League of Legends


Most played MOBA in the world

League of Legends, the most famous MOBA of today’s gaming, has an exemplary number of 67 million monthly players, and 27 million daily.

For the newest gamers of this time, a MOBA is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, where a number of players battle each other in teams to conquer the battlefield, and eventually, win the match. In case of League of Legends, the main game mode is composed of two teams of five players, who battle for the destruction of each other’s nexus, the primary game objective. Each player has a different character, called Champion, with different abilities and roles to play in the game.

The diversity of Champions which League offers makes it perfect for any player to have a fun match and enjoy the whole game, with a type of character they are comfortable with. From Assassins to Tanks (high health and resists characters), Mages and Marksman, there is a load of ways to play the game the way you prefer.

While there are a lot of mobile MOBA games and some well-known others for the computer, League stands atop. Its rival DOTA 2 is a great example of another massively played video game of this genre.

Most people tend to turn more into playing or giving a try at League for several reasons. Learning the basics is easy, and getting good at the game is not as hard as it is for other played games of its type. The mechanics League has, compared to some other MOBAS, like the mentioned before DOTA or Heroes of the Storm, aren’t that many. And although its simplicity, it’s still quite hard to get the hang of. Also, being a game so famous, everyone has the curiosity to try, and see why it’s exactly that.

The Game

Spectator view

As said, the objective of the game is to reach and destroy the enemy Nexus. To do this, the players must destroy the turrets on the lanes, then the inhibitors, and finally, after finishing the last two turrets that serve as final protection, the Nexus.

But destroying even one turret, is not as easy it sounds.

This is Summoner’s Rift, League’s battlefield.

Here exist the following lanes:

  • Top lane – For Tanks or Fighters
  • Mid lane – For Mages or Slayers
  • Bottom lane – For a Controller and a Marksman
  • Jungle – For any of the above that fit

On the top and mid lane is a one versus one match. While in the bottom, it’s a two versus two. In the Jungle, a player serves as a helping role. The player goes to any lane to give assistance in an outnumbered fight, and even invade the enemy’s jungle.

Each player uses their champion to protect their lane, while at the same time, trying to destroy the opposing team’s objectives. When a lane’s turrets are destroyed, the team can advance to the inhibitor, and afterwards the nexus, for the victory of the match.


Player view

At the start of the game, players have some gold to buy items. Items are very crucial in the game. More gold means more advantage.

Their champions start at level one. As you level up, you will unlock, and upgrade abilities of your choice.

You receive some gold as the game progresses, but the main income is dealing the killing blow to minions. Secondly, killing, or getting assists, on enemy champions, and the last way, by destroying turrets, which give team gold. The latter is not as important to earn gold, but it is the primary goal to achieve a faster and easier victory.

Periodically, a wave of minions is spawned for each lane, from each nexus. These minions serve for not also gold, but also experience for the players on a lane to get. Minions also serve as a focus point for the turrets, so the players can safely attack them without being targeted.

As a player in a lane, you want to focus on getting the most killing blows on minions as possible, and trying to make your lane opponent not get as much as you do. You can deny him killing your minions by dealing damage with basic attacks or using your abilities.

While all this is happening in lanes, the team Jungler is killing the jungle monsters in each camp of his jungle, and can even try to invade the enemy’s jungle.

The Jungler is a player that is in no lane, but goes to every lane when he can to force an advantageous fight for his side, to try to get some kills for him, or the team, and/or turrets.

And by the 20-minute mark, team fights are more likely to happen. Like the name suggests, it’s a fight where all the members of each team participate.

These are the basics of the basics of League. The more one plays, the more experienced one gets, and discovers new ways of improving. More advanced techniques such as kite, lane freeze, invade, using vision wards (item in the game that gives vision over an area) to prepare ganks and be ready for enemies, and a lot more, are learned through playing. There are even special monsters, Dragon, Herald, and Baron Nashor, that can be considered secondary objectives to winning the game.

Another way people discover more of these skills is by watching professional players play or even watching eSports, with said professional players playing.

League is a still growing game, with several updates a year, and a massive one by the end of each year. New champions arrive every 2~3 months, and patch updates are made to keep the game fresh and balanced.

League of Legends eSports is the most watched, second only to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with over 80 million views on last years World Championship.


Author : Rafael A.

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