Playing Runescape has been a great experience for me. Created and developed by Jagex as the popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game, due to it being free and can be played on more than one platform.

Runescape Platforms

  • Comet platform. This platform is used to cross between islands and is located in the middle and top levels of the Runespan. The Comet Platform consumes 3.9 Runespan points and in order to use it you have to meet three prerequisites; Level 55 Runecrafting, an astral rune, a cosmic rune and a law rune.
  • Conjuration Platform. This platform is used to cross between islands and is located in the middle and top levels of the Runespan. When you use this platform it will consume 0.9 Runespan points and needs a body rune, a mind rune and rune essence for you to use along level 25 Runecrafting.
  • Earth Platform. Unlike the Comet and Conjuration platforms, the earth platform is found in the Runespan but is similarly used to cross between islands. This platform requires of you one rune to use; an earth rune along with level 9 Runecrafting and consumes 0.4 Runespan points.
  • Flesh Platform. You can access this platform on the top level of the Runespan and use it to cross between islands. It however consumes much of your Runespan points; 6.2. For you to use it along level 85 Runecrafting, the Flesh platform requires a body rune, a blood rune and a death rune.
  • Float Platform. You can access the Float Platform on all levels of the Runespan and use it to cross between islands. To use it, you need an air rune along with level 1 Runecrafting. When you use the Float Platform, it will consume 0.1 Runespan points.

Runescape has some exciting skills that can amaze you. For many players, they find Runescape as the best game due its availability and accessibility.

Being in existence publicly since 2001, it has largely gained fame among its players. As a Runescape enthusiast, I have all the reasons to encourage you to play Runescape if you have not played it.

Currently, Runescape has more than 200,000 players. This has prompted the developers to adjust the graphics and the mode of play to increase number of players. Jagex also unleashed Runescape gold coins for the players.

Tutorial Island

For the new players the tutorial stage is compulsory. It’s a must for you; the player, to follow the training trail. In the Tutorial stage of Runescape you will be taught the following:

  • Chopping down trees.
  • How to prepare fire from logs.
  • How to fish and cook shrimp.
  • Making a dough and thereafter make bread.
  • Mining of Tin and Copper and smelting them to Bronze.
  • Stabbing a giant rat.

All these are crucial because it helps you improve your attack experience, defense, and strength. At this stage, there are no character stats, only bonuses from picked up items. For a much more captivating Runescape experience, you have to buy Runescape gold to have access to a variety of items.

Your ability to grasp the required combat skills will help you to preserve your lives without wastage. This stage was somehow challenging to me but after grasping all the techniques needed I easily went past this stage.

By starting out on the Tutorial Island, I became well adapted to the gameplay specific to Runescape. Becoming well acquainted with the Tutorial stage helped me learn the ropes after which I mastered the skill of fine tuning my new characters. The mini-map was a huge salvage for me because following the map symbols helped me not to get lost.

The Lumbridge Job Centre

The Lumbridge Job Centre was an amazing stage for me. Starting these stage showed me the essence of hard work and perseverance. The leading job I procured was fetching prepared chickens. Discovering chickens at Millie Miller’s Mill enabled me to finish my first assignment. This was hectic for me but I finally managed.

In a matter of time, I had upgraded my weapons enabling me to fight the Runescape elites. I also discovered the various methods of promoting a fight. I gained more relevant skills at this stage and had the chance to use the acquired skills from stage one.

For a new player, this may become more challenging if you are not used to perseverance and being ready to fight at any given point. I learned that there were the most awesome stage of Runescape that will trigger you to the next level.

Searching for Gold Coins

As I progressed to the next level of Runescape, it became difficult for me to go past the obstacles hence ended up dead. In the old version of Runescape death meant that you had lost every item you had. To regain my life back I had to go back to my previous level. I had no money to purchase gold coins.

This was discouraging, I even thought of quitting the game and never to play again. But a friend of mine encouraged me to continue playing. After some time I gathered some amount of cash and eventually bought the Runescape gold coins in one of the online shops.

The gold coins enabled me to have my life back and also obtain the relevant items to go past the level.  You can play Runescape without spending real money on gold coins by trading items or gold coins with other players. The gold coins tend to be expensive; Runescape 2007 gold is more expensive than Runescape 3 gold. This variance is brought about by creation of each game at different points in time.  Gold coins in Runescape 3 are greater in value than old school Runescape.

Player Interaction

The most amazing thing about Runescape is the player’s interaction. This is achieved through the following means;

  • Conversation
  • Transaction
  • Partaking in mini-games

Runescape has made all these available due to some of its unique features. Players can converse through the chat system, also they can trade using a grand exchange platform or direct transactions. The chat system allows for players to communicate with each other. The Runescape servers reduce language barrier by broadcasting chats to players within their local area.

Players can join hands to complete some of the challenging missions of Runescape, this is done by participating in mini-games such as fist of guthix, castle wars, and pest control.

Runescape has a number of features that you can only play to enjoy not through reading. Other important features of Runescape include:

  • Skills – Runescape has twenty-seven skills that help a player to work together with non-player characters, the environs, and other Runescape players.
  • Combat – This is the essential part of Runescape. Many players have defeated monsters to gain items and move to the next missions.
  • Missions – Runescape has over 203 quests.
  • Graphics – The most recent Runescape version (Runescape 3) has improved graphics making the game more enjoyable.

In 2015 Jagex developed “Darkscape” a new separate version of Runescape that involved player’s battle against open-world player. Runescape has over 139 servers globally. They were located mainly in North America and parts of Europe.

Jagex recently announced that Runescape will be available for Android and iOS devices this year. The move by Jagex to make Runescape available on mobile devices is an awesome incentive. Jagex will make it easy to play Runescape on phones with a mobile-optimized interface and cross-platform play between mobile and desktop versions of the game.


For many Runescape players have continued to play the game due to the numerous features Jagex and team have made and are still adding to the game. If you are hearing “Runescape” for the first time it seems so boring but I assure you that it is the most interesting MMORPG that you can play.


Author : Cyrus N.


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